31 Thai-inspired Kitchen Extension Ideas

31 Thai-inspired Kitchen Extension Ideas

With its harmonious marriage of age-old traditions and modern conveniences, Thai interior design is a versatile style that can be adapted to suit almost any house and any owner:

whether you prefer a contemporary style or a rustic one, a minimalist approach or opulent splendor, there’s enough flexibility in the style to accommodate your personal preferences without losing that eastern magic at its heart

If Thailand is known for anything (asides from its gorgeous beaches and welcoming residents, of course), it’s its food: with a magical combination of hot and spicy, sweet and savory, it’s just as loved in the west as it is the east


Part of the reason for its popularity is the way it balances competing flavors to create a perfectly harmonious end result… something Thai’s are just as adept at doing in their homes

Weaving traditional details into modern elements, Thai homes are characterized by their timeless appeal, distinct personalities, and harmonious ambiances Here, we take a look at what goes into creating the typical Thai style kitchen











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