34 New Ideas for “Half-concrete, Half-wood House”

34 New Ideas for “Half-concrete, Half-wood House”

A half concrete, half wood house offers enjoyable advantages, in terms of comfort, climate as well as health or environment Wood is bioenergetics and ecological material

Flexible, resistant, light and durable, the wood is suitable for most of the grounds and constructions It is also recommended in seismic areas The structure is solid due to tensile and weight strength

Wood prevents dust circulation and static electricity The humidity level is naturally low in the construction The wood material is easy to maintain, offers physiological and psychological advantages

A wooden house will make you benefit from a healthy, warm, comfortable and balanced interior

Concrete designs are here to stay largely because of their durability and cost-saving capabilities Increased demand for high-performance homes has caused a surge in the use of concrete for construction


Modern technology has also made it easy for potential homeowners to design concrete homes to resemble wood-framed houses









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