Cozy Tiny Home With a Deck, a Minimalist Living in Lush Surrounding Landscapes

Cozy Tiny Home With a Deck, a Minimalist Living in Lush Surrounding Landscapes

Tiny homes are just what they sound like — small houses that are just big enough for everything you need One of the biggest benefits of having a tiny home is the ability to just hitch it to a truck and drive it to a new location

Whether you’re trying to move to a new spot of land or just go on vacation without having to pack up some suitcases, having a tiny home makes it surprisingly easy to see new places

Different tiny homes are built in different ways Some are equipped with rainwater collection and solar panels They are designed to live completely off the grid and can be parked just about anywhere you want


Other tiny homes are built more traditionally, needing power and water hookups They are better suited to dedicated plots of land or RV/mobile home parking

If you have the time and ability to design and build the house yourself, you can only spend your money on materials


There are tiny home designers out there who will create and build it for you, but that obviously costs more as you’re paying for material and manpower and that company’s overhead

That said, tiny homes are just a fraction of the price of traditional homes, and you can have everything designed specifically for you Prices for tiny homes can range from less than $19,000 to around $50,000 depending on its size and the kind of finishes that you want

Whether you use solar power or hook your house up to a power line, the energy needs of such a tiny space are much smaller than the energy needs of a traditional home Smaller appliances work more efficiently and a smaller space uses less power to heat and cool the air






Credit: decorreport, dwell, airbnb


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