30 Best Ideas for Small U-shaped Kitchens With Breakfast Bar

30 Best Ideas for Small U-shaped Kitchens With Breakfast Bar

A U-shaped kitchen layout wraps around three walls, defining the cooking zone and viding the kitchen from the rest of the house

Also known as horseshoe kitchen layouts, U-shaped kitchens provide plenty of storage space, allow for great workflow and let multiple users navigate the kitchen together

This kitchen layout creates the perfect opportunity for setting an uninterrupted work triangle to make the best use of space

Still, two corners can make for two sets of pinch points Pull-outs and carousels ensure no corner space is wasted and give users the chance to get to hard-to-reach spaces

A U-shaped design can be combined with dining areas or even a kitchen island if the width of the room allows


An open-plan room often presents the opportunity to make one arm of the ‘u’ into a peninsula that can be accessed from both sides, such as for use as a breakfast bar or as a dual-sided storage volume

In smaller areas, the U-shaped layout can also create a closed-in feel Open shelving rather than wall units can give the appearance of more open and larger space






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