30 Cool “Exposed Concrete Block House” Ideas for a Low Budget

30 Cool “Exposed Concrete Block House” Ideas for a Low Budget

The benefits of concrete block house construction make concrete a smart material choice for building Concrete block houses are energy-efficient, fire-resistant, noise-reducing, pest-resistant, low-maintenance, and healthy

Concrete homes are also a good investment While Concrete houses can cost more to build than wood-frame houses; once constructed, a concrete house quickly recoups the initial costs with lower utility and upkeep costs

A concrete wall system, along with insulation, creates a tight thermal building envelope, which conserves energy


A study by the Portland Cement Association found that houses with concrete walls had five to nine percent greater energy savings than wood-framed houses;

and concrete walls are less drafty and maintain a more even temperature throughout the home


Concrete homes can be designed with smaller-capacity equipment for heating, ventilating, and air-condi­tioning offering a further saving to homeowners

Concrete house construction is more pest-resistant than wood construction, this includes termites, carpenter ants, and rodents Concrete block construction also requires less repair and main­te­nance because concrete is less sus­cep­ti­ble to rot like wood or rust like steel










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