34 Best “Garden Pavilion” Design Ideas That Will Beautify Your Side Yard

34 Best “Garden Pavilion” Design Ideas That Will Beautify Your Side Yard

Whether you enjoy relaxing in the garden filled with colorful blooms or lounging by the pool on a sunny afternoon, a side yard pavilion can be the perfect complement to your favorite setting

Although a pavilion is built with a closed, open or pitched roof and open walls, there’s a variety of side yard pavilion designs and materials to choose from

Typically square or rectangular in shape, pavilions can be built in various sizes to accommodate your needs Whether you prefer a large pavilion for entertaining or a small pavilion for an intimate setting, you’ll feel comfortable in your space and enhance the beauty of your home and landscape


If you love gardening and the tranquility it brings to your landscape, you don’t need hundreds of acres and a big budget to create a beautiful garden landscape

Lush greenery, colorful flowers, aromatic scents and natural beauty provide a perfect setting for side yard pavilion designs where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature


You can relax in a romantic garden pavilion surrounded by beautiful rose gardens or colorful garden beds, the sounds of chirping birds and beautiful butterflies fluttering through your side yard











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