37 Modern Bathroom Partition Ideas for Small Spaces

37 Modern Bathroom Partition Ideas for Small Spaces

Partition pider is one of the home decoration accessories that help solve problems in every room in the house more proportion when wanting to allocate a new floor Without the need to complicate the room wall

Home bathroom partitions are typically used to separate the toilet from the sink and shower area They can be in the form of a wall, half-wall, or folding pider They can be made from all different kinds of material

The allocation of space within the bathroom to be proportional to consider other than design Beautifully decorated to be used is cleanliness and the safety of users Therefore, the area is pided into both wet and dry zones in order to reduce the accumulation of germs and extending the useful life of the tile floor


For the most part, piding the space inside the bathroom will use shower partition and bathroom curtain for shower curtain to help the bathroom look wider in a limited space











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