40 Ideas for “Stilt Farm House” for Good Ventilation and Coolness

40 Ideas for “Stilt Farm House” for Good Ventilation and Coolness

The stilt house is a house built high above the ground, offering a wider view of all surrounding beauty It can even give you a sightline above the trees and roofline of other surrounding homes if the house is built high enough The higher you are the better the view

Though it instinctually seems like a stilt house is less stable than one sitting on the ground, they are a smart way to place a home on areas that have less stable earth The stilts are what give the home stability rather than the ground underneath

If you study where the majority of stilt homes are built, it is mostly in places known for having shaking ground like sea cliffs, sloping mountainsides, and sandy beaches right on the water or even over the water It allows for homes to be solidly built in a cool and unique location


Stilt homes stay cooler in the heat They allow air to circulate and flow around all sides of the home The circulation of air underneath the house significantly helps to keep the home cooler and much more pleasant in peak summer temps This also helps to lower energy costs











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