515 sqm, One-story Wooden House With a Relaxing Resort-like Vibe

515 sqm, One-story Wooden House With a Relaxing Resort-like Vibe

Wooden houses are the best choice for all who want a natural, economic and ecological home Wood is a lightweight material that can be multilaterally processed, has no emissions, is healthy and economical Wooden houses breathe, contributing to a healthy and natural environment

Wooden houses are flexible and light, and are not dangerous in the event of an earthquake The principle of weight transmission is the same as that of frame structures, with the difference that the material used is wood, which is more elastic than conventional building materials

Despite the prejudices, the main qualities of wood remain elasticity and durability There is a preconceived opinion that things that are done quickly are not sustainable Wooden houses show that “fast” and “sustainable” is a real concept

Unlike brick and concrete dwellings, the wood “breathes” and is therefore a source of “tranquility” and “balance”

Wood is a natural and ecological element In a masonry house, dampness, condensation can occur, while a wooden house “breathes” and does not suffer from vapor


From an aesthetic point of view, the wood gives the interior frame a warm, familiar, relaxing atmosphere, while on the outside the construction is distinguished by the approach and style of the architecture of the environment


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Usable Area: 40 sqm Plus a Corridor Area of 12 sqmDetails: 1 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen




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