Modern Wooden House Compact Design, Hidden In The Forrest

Modern Wooden House Compact Design, Hidden In The Forrest

Ideas for detached houses in different styles is very popular today Modern style house design, one floor, good size, simple, attractive, attractive It reflects the personality of each owner as well If you still can’t figure out what style to design the house, let’s take a look together…

Architect: Searl Lamaster Howe
Area: 2,425 square feet (225 square meters)
Year: 2020
Photograph: Tony Soluri


Modern style vacation home using cedar and oak to decorate the house, it is a peaceful and linear residence tucked away in the woods T-shaped plan, flat roof


compact design house

The house is located on the ridge surrounded by trees The exterior siding is clad in durable materials such as scorched cedar and cement board siding

Use earth tones and neutral colors throughout the house The floor is covered with slate tiles and the ceiling is clad in warm cedar


front porch

It is compact and open in nature through the bedroom and onto the open kitchen The interior opens onto a balcony

living room


Decorated with cedar and oak Some of the wood is painted dark green The living area has a brown sofa and leather armchairs



The kitchen has a terrace and a veranda on the east edge and a staircase on the west



Master bedroom, large windows let in the sunlight and connect to the trees




Floor Plan




Cr dezeen


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