33 Beautiful “Wooden House” Ideas for People Who Want to Live Close to Nature

33 Beautiful “Wooden House” Ideas for People Who Want to Live Close to Nature

The existence of modern dwellings built with wood materials is now starting to become rare This is because the selling price of the material is much more expensive than brick and concrete Even so, there are still many people who dream of owning a wooden house because of its high artistic value

Not many houses use wood materials in this modern era Even this residence is rarely found in the village though People prefer to build wall houses, because the prices are affordable

Even if there is, wood is not used as the main material but only as a sweetener Therefore, the existence of this house will stand out in the middle of concrete houses Especially if it is designed with a modern minimalist concept


Wood is a natural insulator that prevents the conduction of heat Being in a wooden dwelling will make you feel cool, so you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner every time

In addition, this material is more environmentally friendly because it is a natural material The structure is also able to absorb and store carbon dioxide around the building


When you see a wooden dwelling, what comes to your mind?Generally, this residence will emit a natural or natural and cool impression, regardless of its shape

This is because the wood material will make the house look one with nature Especially the wood fibers that are engraved on each house board

Building a house with wood tends to be faster than a concrete house This is because it does not require casting or laying bricks that take a long time


You also don’t need to paint it if the natural color of the wood is beautiful Although fast, the frame of the house is still quite strong and sturdy No less when compared to modern materials









Credit: Pinterest, fb/TinyhomeThailand


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