40 Ideas for “Half Concrete Half Wood House”, Beautiful and Unique Designs You’ll Love

40 Ideas for “Half Concrete Half Wood House”, Beautiful and Unique Designs You’ll Love

Building your own family house is a very logical and pragmatic solution, especially knowing that building a house gives you the opportunity to design the layout in the best way that will suit your family

And that for the same money you need to set aside, if you buy an apartment, you can make a twice as big house, in most of the countries at the moment

In addition, in a family house with comfort, landscaped garden, privacy, and flexibility of space, there is always the possibility of upgrading, which are all advantages that should not be overlooked


Anyone planning to build a family house is probably thinking about whether to build a classic house, using brick and concrete or to embark on a much faster and often cheaper way of building, to go for half-timbered houses

Half-timbered houses are of course partly made of wood But do you know that wood is a natural material and that is why it is healthy to live in such an environment?


The resin that remains in the soft parts of the logs has a positive effect on our airways and lungs

It has been found that the warm colors of natural wood have a positive effect on the state of our mind and thus calm us down and reduce stress They encourage us to create situations for rest, friends and socializing

When the humidity in the house rises, the wooden surfaces absorb moisture When the percentage of moisture drops and the air becomes dry, the wood releases the amount of moisture it has previously absorbed


Perfect natural balance Unlike other types of houses, a wooden house has air that is always optimally humid









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